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We are accepting submissions for our blog on a rolling basis. Please send all submissions and enquiries to our Editor-in-Chief Mr Donovan Choy at We aim to confirm receipt of your submission within 1 week and if accepted, publish your content within 5 days.


The Adam Smith Center believes in critical dialogue on issues that are shaping the world in which we live, and also the power of ideas to shape the world for the better. As such, we emphasise intellectual honesty, rigour and clarity of thought. We welcome submissions from different perspectives and schools of thought, but articles that incorporate the values of free market humanitarianism will be given greater consideration. We are also strictly non-partisan and non-political, and will not entertain articles of such nature.

Submission Guidelines

  • Topics: We welcome commentaries (800-1500 words) and longer research articles (2000-3000 words) on a variety of topics, but mainly on matters relating to economics, public policy, international relations, business and emerging technological trends. We ask that you put forth a clear argument and sustain it throughout your piece with logic and evidence.
  • Theoretical vs applied: We are open to content that are either purely theoretical and philosophical, or on a concrete, real-world issue. As such, content relating to economic or political theory are not off-limits, but are in fact, very much welcome.
  • Debate: We also welcome you to contribute content that are critical of mainstream positions taken and also in response to other articles published on our blog. We hope to spark lively, yet respectful debate.
  • Global focus: The principles of free market humanitarianism are for the world, and as such, we have a global focus. Content that delve into development challenges in under-developed regions are especially of interest to us.


Format: Please also provide a bio of yourself, provide embedded links, and attach your article as a Microsoft word attachment to your main email. We reserve the right to edit your article for language purposes.

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