What’s Wrong with Jamus Lim’s Economics (Part 1)

Pointing out the economic errors of economist and politician Jamus Lim

Jamus Lim of the Worker’s Party made waves during the recent General Elections. He is also known as a champion of the minimum wage in Singapore, having both advocated in on national television and political speeches. He’s apparently still big on this, as seen in the recent debates in the Singapore parliament.

My co-author and I have pointed out before why the minimum wage is a bad idea for Singapore, and as economic policy more generally. I find it necessary to rehash some of these points in a series of articles.

Bad understanding of the economic literature

In some of his social media posts, Jamus cites the famous Card & Krueger minimum wage study which finds that a wage hike in 1992 New Jersey led to a slight increase in employment.

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Employment Policies Institute (EPI)

This is of course not the only piece of evidence in our favor, but its a very strong one that Jamus Lim seems to have seriously neglected.

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September 8, 2020

Bryan Cheang Bryan Cheang
Bryan Cheang is a graduate student at King’s College London in the Department of Political Economy. He researches into the political economy of development and also applied economic policy. He is currently researching into the development strategies employed by the city-states of Hong Kong and Singapore.


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