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A poem of liberty

Reducing income inequality,
Curtails economic prosperity.
Good-hearted intentions to close the the widening gap,
Only puts the free, dynamic, growing economy at a cap.
Through attempts of money redistribution from rich to poor,
Like minimum wage laws, progressive taxes, and high subsidy tiers.
Alongside provision of free universal healthcare and education,
Instead of looking at long-term job training and creation.

Look at the impact of foreign aid donation,
It decreases one’s self-sufficiency and work motivation.
Creating an unfortunate cycle of social goods dependency,
When future generations could have roam economically free.
Generous welfare programmes not only heightens the disincentivation to work and produce,
But also leads to increased taxation from social spending overuse.
The market loses its competitiveness,
As welfare dependency vouchers starts to wastefully disburse.

Look at decades-old socialist country Venezuela,
Once the richest South American country by far.
Has the world largest oil reserves,
But now doing economically at its worst.
Inflation skyrocketed leading to food and basic necessities shortages,
People moan in hunger as bread and butter become precious privileges.

Socioeconomic inequality is inevitable when people are given the freedom to invest, trade, and seek various profit directions;
Like diverse educational and employment sections.
Hence, existing social policymaking should focus on wealth being created for all out there;
Instead of redrawing the pie to give the rich a smaller, and the poor a bigger share.
When the economy is left to thrive on its own,
It benefits everyone, including the least well at the bottom cone.

Hence, work towards a laissez-faire economy,
Where free market and trade works like a capitalistic bee.
Minimal economic regulation and governmental intervention,
Anti-protectionism and anti-crony capitalism.
Cut corporate tax to attract capital and investment,
While encouraging entrepreneurship and technological innovation.
Welcome free flow of globalization, international trade exchange, and immigration,
As well as blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and automation.

The chance of a business monopoly uprising,
Pretty low as new rivals will be motivated to keep competing.
Governmental taxation is mandated theft,
Like the unfair kayu soccer ref
Because there is no signed social contract,
With my consent being disregarded like an old shoe rack.
To help the poor, take donation from the willing rich.
Don’t steal from the hard work of the nation’s citizen each.

As paramount is to have a rule of law,
Where separation of powers is divided to the core.
And government power is made limited,
So that unfair lobbying and corrupted self-interest can be deterred.
Alongside regular checks and balance,
With every citizen seen as equal humans.
To also have the separation of religion and state,
With freedom of, and from religion made.

Protecting individual property rights,
Ensuring individual civil liberty at sight.
As a private business owner, I can legally discriminate against any group,
Knowing so the socioeconomic backlash might shoot me at the foot.
We may disagree to each other’s speech,
But we would nonetheless defend each other’s right to speak.
Do not take away our privacy rights online,
Or do unreasonable seizure and search to us on site.

No to wars, and yes to diplomatic friendly international relations.
No to safe spaces and yes to cultural appropriation,
No to censorship, and yes to peaceful protest-petitions.
No to playing the discriminated race, religious, gender, socioeconomic card,
No to labelling protestors wanting to preserve historical artefacts as offensive racist bigoted retards.
No to paying public morality policing decree,
No to harassing, and damaging the social reputation and livelihood of those I disagree.

Remove death penalty, decriminalise prostitution and drugs,
Which will remove black markets, and why not focus on rehabilitation for a start?
Why ban, restrict, or punish the act of homosexuality, smoking, clubbing, and alcohol drinking?
Or pre-marital sex, adultery, abortion, and how much my skin is showing?
My life, my lifestyle choice.
My personal liberty, my freedom and autonomy.
To each our own,
The government need not set the moralistic tone.
How far can a communist-fascist-socialist nanny state go?
Before the aspirations of citizens turn cold.
It’s indeed a cruel unequal world out there,
But that pushes us to fight for our worthwhile share.


This poem was submitted to us by a contributor who wishes to remain anonymous. Featured image credit.

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