What is Market Anarchism?

What is Market Anarchism? Imagine a world of no government, where every function and service in society is provided by private, competing businesses and voluntary organisations. This is essentially, the world that market anarchists envision. Also called libertarian anarchism and/or anarcho-capitalism, this philosophy is a specific branch of libertarian thought which believes in the abolishment…
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What Do Libertarians Have To Say On Social Justice?

Libertarianism and Social Justice Throughout history and especially in contemporary societies, some individuals possess more wealth and income than others. This phenomenon, understood as “economic inequality”, has come under increasing scrutiny in recent times and has become the target of correction by policy-makers. In Singapore itself, it has been reported that this gap between the well-off and…
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What Is Libertarianism?

Libertarianism (also called classical liberalism) is a political philosophy that emphasises the core principles of individualism, free market capitalism and limited government. Libertarians believe that people in society should be free to live his life as he pleases so long as he does not injure the person and property of others. Voluntarism is the “gold…
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The Good of Sweatshops: Does Capitalism Exploit Workers?

The Marxist tale of worker exploitation According to Marxists, exploitation of men has not ceased following the collapse of the institutions of slavery and feudalism and still persist today in the form of capitalism. Capitalists are monstrously depicted as the elite class consumed by greed, sustaining their lavish lifestyles on the backs of poor workers.…
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Doom or Bloom: Are We In Danger of Running Out of Resources?

Is the Earth running out of resources? Mankind is no stranger to the paranoia that we would soon run out of resources from unchecked consumption. In 1798, at a time of roughly 800 million people, economist Thomas Malthus feared that our exponential population growth would outstrip linear increments in food production, producing famines worldwide. In…
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