The “disappearing” Sir Stamford Raffles statue  along along the Singapore River on 29 Dec. When viewed from the suggested vantage point, the Sir Stamford Raffles statue looks like it’s disappearing, as it blends into the surrounding skyline. This is the result of an optical illusion created by strategic paintwork adhered over the polymarble surface. The trick-eye effect was created by local artist Teng Kai Wei, who specialises in public sculptures. Photo: Najeer Yusof/TODAY

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Why removing the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles is a bad idea


Did the Lockdown Save Lives?


Truth and Myth on the Gender Pay Gap

There are myths on both sides here, and taking steps toward gender equality requires an honest accounting of the economic and social facts. The ongoing battle over gender equality has turned the question of the relative pay of women and men into quite the political football.

There is No Such Thing as Trickle-Down Economics

Critics of liberalism and the market economy have made a long-standing habit of inventing terms we would never use to describe ourselves.

We Didn’t Humanise Markets, Markets Humanised Us

Over Labour Day weekend, I saw many friends arguing that labour unions and government intervention “humanised capitalism” by giving us the 8-hour workday, the 40-hour workweek, ending child labour, and so forth.

Capitalism Is Good for the Poor

Critics frequently accuse markets and capitalism of making life worse for the poor. This refrain is certainly common in the halls of left-leaning academia as well as in broader intellectual circles.

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